Humans are social creatures and positive interactions increase our sense of wellbeing. The positive connections we create with co-workers are an important part of the cooperative spirit required for productive work.1 When we create positive connections, we enjoy coming to work and productivity increases! Workspaces are becoming increasingly more diverse, so it’s important to create spaces where people with different backgrounds and work styles can co-exist. Functional coffee or kitchen areas are perfect for brief interactions and provide workers with a common space to relax and get to know each another. Meeting rooms, just off main spaces, are perfect for brainstorming and allow workers to book space for more formal meetings. 

1. E.D. Heaphy, J.E. Dutton, “Positive social interactions and the human body at work: linking organizations and physiology” Academy of Management Review 2008, Vol. 33, No. 1, 137–162.

Strategies and tips!

  • Appointing a community manager to promote social events that bring people together
  • Letting workers decide rules for common areas increases their sense of ownership
  • Meeting rooms create a bookable space for gatherings and new business connections

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